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About the tooth shape knowledge of the saw blade

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About the tooth shape knowledge of the saw blade
The alloy saw blade here is mainly used in the cutting process, but when we are using it, do you know the tooth shape knowledge? Today, Xiaobian will summarize it for everyone!
The first thing to say is the flat-tooth saw. This type of product has a slower cutting speed and the simplest grinding, so it is used in the more common wood, and the aluminum saw blade with smaller diameter Keep the adhesion reduced while cutting, or use a slotted saw blade to keep the bottom of the groove flat.we provide tuck point saw blade and stone blade,you can know it.
The second is the flat teeth. This type of product is a combination of trapezoidal teeth and flat teeth. It is more complicated when grinding. It can reduce the cracking of the veneer when sawing. It is suitable for all kinds of single and double veneers. Sawing of boards and fire boards. In order to prevent adhesion, the aluminum saw blade also uses a saw blade having a large number of teeth of the flat teeth.
Sliding blade polishing knowledge
The saw blade manufacturer needs to pay attention to grinding and polishing it during the process of processing the saw blade. Do you have any understanding of its simple knowledge during the polishing process?
When we are polishing it, it needs to be carried out under relatively light pressure, especially when polishing pre-hardened steel parts and polishing with fine grinding paste, it is more important to pay attention to this problem, and secondly, using diamond grinding. When polishing, it is not only required that the working surface of the product is clean, but also the hands of the worker are also clean, can not be contaminated with any stains, and during the polishing process, the time required can not be too long. It is best to keep it as short as possible so that the use of the saw blade can be guaranteed when it is used.we provide tuck point saw blade and stone blade,you can know it.
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I hope that the above explanation will help you. If you want to learn more, please consult us in time. We will give you a comprehensive introduction to your problem. I believe that in the process, we all You can learn more knowledge!

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