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tuck point saw blade knowledge explanation

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tuck point saw blade knowledge explanation
Saw blades are one of the items we often use. What should we pay attention to during the use? Now let's take a closer look at this knowledge.
First of all, the plywood saw blade product has a tooth shape which is a flat tooth. During the process of use, it is not prone to breakage. The saw blade is accurate in sawing, has high precision and small amplitude, and is usually in the process. You can directly phase the right angle and cut the angle.
Secondly, the sawtooth of this kind of solid wood saw blade can be divided into left and right teeth, and can be alternately appeared. It is high-efficiency sawing and it is not easy to burn, so in normal times, it can be seen in many places. It's figure.
When we use plywood saw blades, we need to place them in a suitable environment, which can extend the life of the products and bring us great benefits, saving resources from the side.
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tuck point saw blade and stone blade