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What is the cut of the saw blade?

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1,the characteristics of the diamond saw blade is afraid of soft and not afraid of hard
2.Metal is a plastic material. For marble and glass, metal is much softer.
3,marble, glass is a brittle material, hardness is greater than metal
4.Diamond is a valuable material. Although the diamond on this saw blade is artificial, it is also very expensive. It is made by powder metallurgy, which is made by sintering diamond particles in metal powder. Then, after the blade is opened, the edge is to grind the diamond-coated metal with a grinding wheel to expose a small half of the diamond particles. This diamond particle is the "blade" for cutting marble.we are brick cutting saw blade chinese supplier and the best brick cutting saw blade chinese supplier,you can know it.
5.When the diamond saw blade "cuts" the marble, it is actually the diamond that grinds the marble into a powder, thereby "cutting" the marble.
6.If a diamond saw blade is used to "cut" the metal, the "soft" metal will "stick" the diamond particles, making the diamond saw blade invalid. Remember: Never use a diamond saw blade to cut metal!
The most basic installation steps before using the tile cutting piece
The tile cutting piece should be used with the corresponding cutting machine, such as marble machine, angle grinder, etc., the installation must be correct to ensure smooth cutting.
Be sure to match the direction of the blade to the direction of rotation of the blade.
The arrow on the tile cutting piece should point in the same direction as the arrow on the circular saw. The Changli tile cutting piece is easy to install.
Tile cutting sheet installation notes:
1.When assembling, make sure that the arrow direction of the saw blade is consistent with the direction of rotation of the device spindle.
2.When installing the saw blade, keep the shaft center, the chuck and the flange clean. The inner diameter of the flange is the same as the inner diameter of the saw blade. Make sure that the flange is tightly combined with the saw blade, install the positioning pin, tighten the nut and flange. The size of the disc should be appropriate and the outer diameter should be no less than one third of the diameter of the saw blade.
Tile cutting piece to meet the precautions:
1.When using: Do not exceed the specified maximum speed.
2.When working: the workpiece should be fixed, the profile positioning should conform to the direction of the knife, so as to avoid abnormal cutting, do not apply side pressure or curve cutting, the feed should be smooth, avoid the blade impact contact with the workpiece, so as not to cause the saw blade to be damaged. accident.
3,equipment chip flute and slag suction device to ensure smooth, to prevent slag into blocks, affecting production and safety.

4,the tile cutting piece does not use the best vertical suspension, laying flat, be careful not to stack heavy objects on it, pay attention to moisture and rust.

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