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The difference between the use of marble saw blades and granite saw blades

Time:2019-03-19 10:46:03Browse:0

During the renovation, everyone always said "marble" and "granite"... What, but how much do you really know about marble and granite? Can you know the difference between marble and granite?we are provide marble cup wheel,you can know it.We can guarantee the quality of marble cup wheel.
If you make a budget, do you know which marble and granite are expensive? If you want to use these two kinds of stone, granite saw blades and marble saw blades are an indispensable part of processing finished plates, while granite saw blades and marble saw blades are silver days. One of the core products.
Granite is hard and has good maintenance. But it gives people a feeling of coldness, which is generally used on the ground and walls in outdoor or public areas. Therefore, most customers have no requirements for the cutting precision of granite saw blades without marble saw blades.
However, there are many varieties of granite. In order to better adapt to the granite varieties in various regions, Yintian's expert team has accumulated more than 100 kinds of granite saw blades after 20 years of experience. No matter what kind of granite, in Silver Heaven Can find the corresponding cutting saw blade.
In the past 20 years, the silver granite saw blades have been deeply loved by customers. They all say that the silver granite saw blades are highly efficient, sharp, and do not collapse, leaving no tail.

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