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China Tuck point saw blade suppliers

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1. Tool wear, angle design is inconsistent with cutting objects, different hardness and various plastic materials are not selected for the appropriate alloy, and the tool life is not reduced according to the hardness of the cutting material during dry cutting.
2, oxidative wear, oxidative wear is the alloy saw blade at 800 ° or higher friction temperature, the oxygen in the air and the alloy in the cobalt, tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, etc. oxidation caused by tool wear.we are provide dekton cutting blade,you can know it.We can guarantee the quality of dekton cutting blade.
3, the process and sharpening accuracy affect the wear, the alloy circular saw blade is a high-precision cutting tool, any main edge belt and sub-edge belt, end face cutting straight surface, or radial cutting instead of a cutting line, forming each one The alloy reduces the effect of its use at many points such as cutting point or depth.
4. Diffusion wear, diffusion is a kind of chemical wear. Diffusion wear refers to the mutual diffusion of alloy elements between the tool and the workpiece during high temperature cutting, which reduces the physical and mechanical properties of the tool material and leads to increased tool wear. Adding titanium carbide or adding an additive such as tantalum carbide to the cemented carbide can increase the temperature at which the alloy and the matrix diffuse, thereby improving the wear resistance and heat resistance of the tool.
5, improper maintenance or improper operation caused by wear, each cutting equipment cutting feed speed is not the same, and the alloy circular saw blade is also designed according to different cutting objects of various angles, and it is not suitable to reduce the effect.
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