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Marble saw blade purchase points

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Marble saw blade purchase points:
1. Choose the right size: Choose the right size according to your own cutting board needs and the size of the machine.
2. Choose a cost-effective saw blade: the saw blade is not as expensive as possible. It is necessary to select the corresponding saw blade according to the plate that you cut. For the general plate, the inferior saw blade may not be cut, but the performance may be too good. To make a waste, you have to shop around and choose the one that suits you.we are provide marble cup wheel,you can know it.
3. Observe the appearance: It depends on whether the weld is complete and tidy. Observe whether the diamond cutter head and the base are aligned on the horizontal surface. If the cutter head is uneven and the dog teeth are staggered, it is likely to cause the board to collapse or even the cutter head during use. Fall off.
4. Choose large manufacturers: big manufacturers are more secure. We believe that we also know that our company's annual sales of saw blades are 1 million pieces, which has a good reputation and can be assured.
Marble saw blade cutting precautions
It is best to add water when cutting. There are two purposes for adding water, one can reduce the flying of dust, and the other can reduce the temperature of the marble saw blade during cutting, which can improve the service life of the saw blade, and the saw blade will not Because the temperature is too high, the cutting accuracy is improved.
The diamond cutting piece is mounted on the back of the tile by a hand-held yuan plate cutter, and the square hole is intact from the surface of the tile, and the back side is cut through the line. The open hole is also cut from the back of the tile with a diamond cutting piece mounted on a hand-held disk cutter, and the cross is cut in the middle. It's fine to knock a hole into the surface.
Install the slice on the cutting machine, adjust the cutting depth, place the artificial marble on the work surface, and determine the size to start cutting.

Now put the artificial marble flat, use a ruler to measure the size and draw the line, then install the stone cutting piece, and slowly cut it from the line. It is necessary to add water to the mineral water bottle to improve efficiency.

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