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The diamond saw factory teaches you how to choose diamond saw blades with high cost performance

Time:2019-02-20 10:51:02Browse:0

1.Look at the number of diamond saw blade particles. In order to reduce costs, inferior saw blades reduce costs by reducing the content of diamond. After consumers use them, they not only can't cut, but also consume quickly.

2.Looking at the color of the blade, the normal diamond blade should be silver-white, with the natural color of iron.

The inferior diamond saw blade darkens because it contains more impurities.we are provide diamond cup wheel,you can know it.

3.Cutting feel, first of all, when choosing the right cutting blade, the cutting should be smooth (except when choosing the wrong saw blade, the feed speed is too fast, which leads to burning the saw blade).

4.The poor quality saw blades are made of diamond. The difference between diamond and diamond lies in the wear resistance of abrasive grains. The diamond saw blades made of diamond sand are quite durable.

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