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How to Choose and Purchase Good Marble Saw Blades

Time:2019-02-13 11:16:02Browse:0

Marble is a common piece of stone, because marble is widely used in various indoor and outdoor decoration, so marble processing tools are used a lot, so how to choose and buy Marble saw blades? How to buy a satisfactory saw blade?
Main points of marble saw blade selection and purchase:
1. Choose the appropriate size: according to their own needs for cutting sheets and the use of machine size to choose the appropriate size.
2. Selective blades with high price ratio: the more expensive the blade is, the better it is. We should choose the corresponding blade according to the plate we cut. For the general board, the poor quality blade may not be cut, but the performance is too good, which may cause waste.we are provide marble cup wheel,you can know it.
Speaking of marble saw blade need not be too much introduced, it is specialized for all kinds of marble cutting pieces, now we can see in many places, the application of marble in architectural decoration is still very extensive.
Marble saw blade is mainly used for cutting stone, and a small part of it is used for cutting glass and plastics. Here we mainly understand what problems should be paid attention to in correct and efficient cutting.
First of all, we should prepare the saw blade for cutting marble.
According to the angle mill used by the saw blade, the general angle mill is hand-held. Common is the cutting machine bought by hardware stores. After the machine is finished, we should first measure the size, cut it into the size we need now, and fix and install the stone plate.
It is better to add water when cutting.

There are two purposes of adding water. One is to reduce the flying dust, the other is to reduce the temperature of marble saw blade when cutting. This can improve the service life of the saw blade, and the saw blade will not be deformed because of the high temperature, thus improving the cutting accuracy.

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