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ultra thin diamond saw blade suppliers

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Shijiazhuang Kitsibo Tools Co.,LTD is a professional diamond tools manufacturer and supplier with more than 10 years experience. Our company is ultra thin diamond saw blade suppliers.
Choose and buy cutting pieces must see before!!!
A there are too many kinds of cutting pieces, which is A waste of time. Can tell customer service requirements, recommend cost-effective saw blade for you, do not need to turn the page to find;
B. Specify the required model, and directly inform the customer service of the model, and immediately obtain the product information and quotation;
C do agency or purchase a large number of products, can understand the market sales of good products through the following channels customer service, and get the product factory quotation!

ultra thin diamond saw blade suppliers

Market advantages:
High visibility;
The changli dry cutting king after years of market trials, customers have reflected sharpness;
The annual production and sales of diamond saw blade 6 million pieces, product quality is stable, good safety;
Changli manufacturers direct sales, supply stability, rapid delivery.
The rotation direction of the saw blade must be correct;
The use of the cutting machine must have a safety cover;
The saw blade installation, be sure to tighten the fastening nut;
The operator must wear protective equipment;
Please do not impose pressure on the cutting machine or curve cutting;
When the saw blade becomes dull, cut the edge on the grinding wheel or firebrick.