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Asphalt Blade

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Segmented Blade with Drop-segment

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· Used for asphalt and green concrete.
· The drop-segment  can well protected the blade from undercutting and deliver long cutting life.
· Use dry or wet.

Product description
●High-grade diamond granule; high cobalt alloyed powder; steel mould hot press sintered process.
●Kitsibo saw blades are applicable to all kinds of high-grade ceramic tiles,micro-crystallized stone,porcelain tiles and imported stone materials.
●The turbo design brings sharpener good cutting effect and no blade fracture!

segment cutting blade suppliers

1.The unique "<<" "K" "M" design of segment makes fast diamond exposed and high cutting efficiency
2.The design of segment allows ideal debris removal and bettering cooling.
3.It works in low nosie,small cutter slot which ensure maxium use of stone and uniform thickness Approved Quality
5.Application : Granite, Sandstone,Basalt, Concrete cutting
6.Fair Price at Prompt Delivery Terms
7.Production Capacity:5000sets/Monthly
8.Good Sharpness,Smooth Cutting, Long Life
9.Cutomised available

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segment cutting blade suppliers

Item Number
Diameter Segment Height (mm) Segment Width (mm) Arbor(mm)
10 3.2 25.4
SA350 14''/350mm 10 3.2 25.4

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