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How to extend the life of the saw blade

Time:2019-05-29 16:38:05Browse:0

The products manufactured by the saw blade manufacturers can be used in the industry, and what should be paid attention to during the use process. Now let's take a closer look?
In order to ensure a long service life, it is necessary to reduce the feed rate within 10 minutes of the start of the cutting process, with a full saw blade and a new saw blade (replacement or saw blade after each grinding). of.
The speed is gradually increased in the next 10 minutes; the cutting speed is determined by the cross-section and toughness of the material to be cut. For stainless steel, which is difficult to cut and has high toughness, the slower speed is very beneficial to improve the service life of the saw blade.we provide tuck point saw blade and stone blade,you can know it.
When the material section is small, the machine speed can be appropriately increased; during the operation of the saw blade, the pitch and yaw of the saw blade, the stress, etc. have changed due to the external force, so the sawing will change. Large; rough surface, clip saw blade, etc.; timely grinding of the saw blade to re-improve the sawtooth angle of the saw blade, pitch accuracy, will improve the use of high-speed steel circular saw blade;
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