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What is the blade blade used for?

Time:2019-04-01 11:38:04Browse:0

1.Shred the unqualified product into smaller pieces for recycling.we are provide dekton cutting blade,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of dekton cutting blade.
2.Reduce the volume of raw raw materials for mixing with other materials.
3.Shredding organic matter to make biofuels.
4.Shred some textile material to facilitate the recycling of the fiber, such as the smashing of the carpet.
Although most of the circular blades of the slitting machine are made of stainless steel, the wear of the blade will occur in a long time, which will inevitably lead to a decrease in work efficiency, and sometimes even affect the cost quality of the cutting, so that the correct maintenance and Maintaining the slitter blade is especially important.
In the daily maintenance process, it is necessary to regularly check the appearance of the circular cutting blade, whether the blade and other places are in good condition to do the necessary inspection. If it is found that there is damage or serious wear and tear, it should be corrected in time. If there is no way to correct it, these blades should be replaced with new ones. Also, some wiping of the blade is required after each processing to ensure that some of the corrosive substances on the surface are oxidized, resulting in inoperability or affecting the efficiency and quality of the work.

In summary: in the process of using round inserts, in order to improve production efficiency and improve the production quality of the products, please remember to operate correctly according to the rules of use of the tools, and regularly check the appearance, especially at the edge of the blade, if problems are found. It should be exchanged in time to avoid affecting work efficiency.

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