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On the Similarities and Differences between Saw Blades and Saw Blades

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Whether it is a saw blade or a saw blade, it has something in common with the saw invented by Luban; they are toothed tools to complete the sawing of some materials. The main differences between them are as follows:we are provide tuck point saw blade cheap,you can know it.
I.There are differences in cutting materials.
Usually, the use of saw blades is mainly used to cut some non-ferrous metals, such as: aluminum profiles, copper, iron and other materials, such as stone, wood, color steel tile and so on. Of course, these non-ferrous metal materials can be cut with saw blades in some cases, but the cutting effect is different.
2.There are obvious differences in cutting efficiency.
Saw blades are much more efficient than saw blades, which is why many users switch from saw blades to saw blades.
3.Different Cutting Equipment
Generally, the saw blade is used on the band saw machine, and the speed is lower than 300 r/min; while the saw blade is installed on the cutting machine, the speed can generally reach 3000r/min, or even higher, and the feed speed can reach 3M/min, which also determines the difference between the two cutting efficiency.
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