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Precision grinding of wc-co coatings with cup wheel

Time:2018-11-14 14:34:11Browse:0

Precision grinding of wc-co coatings with cup wheel

Higher machining efficiency and surface quality can be achieved by grinding with cup wheel. However,

the traditional grinding force modeling is not suitable for the surface grinding of the cup wheel because the grinding method of the cup wheel is different from that of the normal external wheel.

marble cup wheel

To essentially explain various phenomena of the cup wheel grinding force, this paper cup wheel abrasive cutting process are analyzed, and puts forward the concept of effective grinding cup wheel width,

cup wheel is analyzed when grinding force, grinding ceramic coatings cup wheel is established precision grinding of ceramic coating, a theoretical formula of grinding force.

The results of grinding force test verify the validity and correctness of the theoretical formula.

Application scope:

Grinding of engine camshaft CAM and journal

Compressor camshaft grinding

Cylindrical or surface grinding of general - purpose workpiece

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