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Ceramic Tiles & porcelain blade

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Super-thin Turbo Blade Online

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ceramic cutting saw blade

ceramic cutting saw blade

Item Number
Diameter Segment Height (mm) Segment Width (mm) Arbor(mm)
TC105 4''/105mm 8/10 1.0-1.1 20/22.23
8/10 1.1-1.2 20/22.23
8/10 1.1-1.4 20/22.23
8/10 1.2-1.4 20/22.23
8/10 1.4-1.8 20/22.23/25.4
8/10 1.6-2.0 20/22.23/25.4
Say how to pick saw blade simply.
When the saw blade is welded, the part of the alloy connected to the blade body shall not be too yellow as copper. There shall be no spot welding and leakage welding.
This has to do with safety. No one wants to fly an alloy blade out of wood. It's as powerful as a small-caliber rifle.
See blade grinding \ good saw blade a total of four surfaces are polished, two sides, front tooth surface, top surface. Grinding smooth, no concave and convex, consistent, sharp edge. Bright surface.
Look at the surface of the body, the polishing effect should be known to all. The smoother the friction coefficient is low, it is not easy to stick to wood chips and wood paste. Good appearance.
If conditions permit, the upper saw can be turned around to see. No noise, no swing when idling. (pay attention to safety at this time) slowly rotate with your hand to measure radial runout.
Basically, this is the case. As for professional detection methods, they rely on equipment and measuring tools to do more in-depth
The exit saw blade is 15.88 mm and 25.4 mm hole, domestic saw shaft seems to be 20 or 18.
For good cutting effect,7 "can buy 40 or 60 teeth,7" 16 or 24 "opening material can be used.
10 "24 teeth,40 teeth can be used for cutting, the precision saw can be used,80 teeth or 100 teeth.
A good saw blade cuts better than a shaved surface, with no burrs at the edges, especially when it cuts hardwood. That's just right.
Bless to buy the satisfactory good saw blade. Our company can provide cutting blade cheap.